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Our approach is somewhat different than other roasters because we believe everyone has a distinct palate and discrete preferences based on that palate. It's disingenuous to decide as a roaster what the best roast for a particular bean is. To address that we offer Custom Crafted Coffee from bean, to roast level to roasting profile. Each customer can dial in their coffee roast to the exact way they want it. 

We recommend roasting lighter than you might otherwise purchase because the darker you go the less you can differentiate the qualities of the origin bean. In short, Vienna roast is right at the edge of your ability to discriminate what made the beans spectacular to begin with. There's no point spending money on great beans if your simply going to roast them to Full French roast or darker. 

If your not sure what roast level you'd like, try the Roaster Recommendation or if you want to explore select a Roast Flight - this will give you a chance to try 3 roast levels (City, Full City and Vienna) of the same coffee bean to help you dial in what your preference is. 

Please note all of our prices are inclusive of shipping and taxes (if applicable)... There are no surprises when you check out!

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  • Ran out of your coffee yesterday. DESPERATE for El Salvadoran!

    Karen in Fort Collins

  • Liquid Honey is fantastic morning jet fuel…nice dark roast, full of flavor, and no bitterness.
    Perfect to get your morning flying.

    Kelly in Superior

  • I had my first cup of your 6:41 Espresso Blend (Vienna roast) yesterday… the last time that I had coffee that good was in Italy almost ten years ago. The coffee seems as if it’s “alive” with flavors waking up areas of my palette that have been dormant since Italy. Thanks for crafting your coffee beans in a way that has revived my passion for coffee!

    Jacques in Superior

  • This bean is incredible with an Aeropress. It really brings validity to getting your coffee as fresh as possible. I love the Vienna with enhanced candies. The enhanced candies stand out nicely with the Aeropress. Making an upside down Aeropress and steeping it more like a French Press makes this bean even more outstanding. Kudos on a great roast!

    Ryan in The Pinery

  • The Columbia is a great morning coffee- very smooth with a rich finish. This isn't bitter at all, and certainly won't punch you in the mouth with charred regret.

    Morgan in Castle Rock